The following clauses are part of the freight contract and understood as definitely agreed:

Supplements to the order according to the agreement related to this order are reserved.

Quantity-related handover and weight control by the driver.

Additional loading and transshipment is absolutely prohibited.

In case of problems or delays we are the only ones to be informed immediately.

Loading and unloading within 24 hours is free of demurrage.

Customer protection is considered to be agreed. Entering in competition (by contacting the sender/recipient/other persons involved in this order) within the next 12 months shall result in paying a conventional fine of the amount of the freight agreed.

The loading tackles (euro pallets, skeleton containers, loading saddles etc.) must be changed immediately or be returned within 4 weeks. Please attach the original loading tackle documents to your settlement, otherwise they shall be charged (1 euro pallet = EUR 15.00).

Payment of the invoice according to the agreed period allowed for payment only upon receipt of the entire freight documents (consignment notes, delivery notes, pallet notes etc.).

The contractor undertakes to employ only driving personnel, who have the necessary work permit.

The truck must only be parked respectively left on car parks with attendant.

Changes or supplements of or to this contract must be in writing in order to be effective.

Place of fulfilment and jurisdiction: Traunstein, Germany

We thank you in advance for a smooth run of the transports.